Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Band Release of "Man and the Mountain"

Sad news.  The band I fronted, Man and the Mountain, has broken up.  It was a smooth band break up as far as band break ups go.  We were just moving in different directions and thought that we would end it before things became difficult.  Which means we're all still you may yet hear them on future recordings!  That being said, it is sad to no longer be meeting with that great group of guys.  It was really awesome to be able to say that I really liked and am friends with every member that was in the band.  I've been told that doesn't happen often.  We wanted to leave everybody on a high note with one of our favorite songs to play out...and we always opened with this song.  This was actually a co-write with a former-former member of the group Eric Landshaft.  He'll be releasing an EP soon himself so watch my FB page because I'll be spreading the word when its ready.  The song is called "One Day Dreamer":

This does not mean you won't be hearing more for me, however.  I've been writing new material for a solo EP and have been talking to producer's around Nashville to get this project out.  So there will be new material as soon as I can get it to you!

So there's the happy news with the sad.  We really hope you enjoy the band's farewell track.  I know I'll remember the time with the band as a really awesome and formative time of my life.

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