Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunnymeade Live Recordings

I had a cool opportunity come up to play out a house concert series called Sunnymeade Live. The audience there was spectacular that night...and I even had a bit of heckling there that night (all in good fun! :P ) that just made it one of the more fun times that I've had playing songs for an audience. The other cool thing about the show was that one of the host is a working audio engineer in the Nashville area, and he made a live recording of the live set. So I wanted to share that with you! Here's a link to a file with the mp3's:

I just want to thank Ed and Melissa for letting me come out to play, and for the people who came to support. This is a monthly concert so check their facebook page for future shows of other great artist. I'll list that link below along with a link to Ed Brussa's info for those of you looking for a talented music producer/sound engineer for your own projects!

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